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Xvape, Xmax Cricket

by Xmax
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The CRICKET vape pen by XVAPE is a small and sleek, one-piece single-purpose pen.  It features an elegant modernized design with a slick glass magnetic top cap so you can see your vapor rising.

The single quartz coil heats up to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit. This small unit offers a 350mAh battery life which carries a full day’s charge for a medium user. A micro USB charging port offers convenient pass through capability so you can use while charging with the included cable. The device operates at 10.2 watts, with a 1.0 resistance atomizer. Other safety features include a 5-click lock/unlock function.

This all-inclusive package offers everything you need to get started. The CRICKET includes a free dab tool.


- Single quartz coil (quartz cup and quartz rod heating element)

- Temperature range 932 - 1112 F (500 - 600 C)

- 10 seconds to reach 1112 F

- Magnetic glass mouthpiece

- Lockable button (5x click)

- Low charge indicator 

- Charges in 1 hour

- USB charger connects directly to battery




510 Threaded Connection

350mAh 5V Battery

Resistance 1.0 ohm

Total weight 1 oz

Pen length 4.33 inches

Pen diameter 0.44 inches


What does is come with?


1x  CRICKET Battery (350mAh)

1x  CRICKET Atomizer and Mouthpiece

1x  Dab Tool

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