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Need help? See some of the quick fixes below.

My Atmos RX battery does not light up.

The Atmos RX battery is equipped with a safety Activate/De-activate mechanism.  By pressing the power button 5x quickly, you'll see the power light start to flash indicating that the battery is activated.

My unit malfunctioned or is defective while its under warranty.

Please send us a picture of any errors or video of the problems you are having.  If we cannot fix it over the phone or email, we will send you a replacement free of charge.  Some Shipping and handle charges may apply. Email us at:

I purchased a heating chamber and after one use, it does not work anymore?

The coils inside of the heating chamber are very sensitive.  The most common issues with it getting damaged is when is gets over packed plus some pressure is put on the contents bending the coil.  If any continuity with the coils are broken, it will no longer function. Contact us if this happened to you.

If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to contact us.. We are here for you!