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Xmax V2 Pro with water bubbler included

by Xmax
Save 17%

The X Max V2 Pro is a 3 in 1 It is impressive in many ways including its temperature control setting, isolated air path, replaceable battery and ease of operation. If you are a medical marijuana patient with arthritis, this is a really good portable dry herb vaporizer for you. No need to worry about so many buttons and clicks. The X-Max has made a name for itself in the portable vaporizer market. Another great part about the X MAX V2 Pro is the vapor quality it produces with such a small unit. Based off the discontinued Atmos Astra, the X MAX V2 Pro comes in almost the same exact body and shape.

It stands at 6.5 inches and is .75 inches in diameter which shows the X MAX V2 Pro is really a portable vaporizer. It is also pretty discreet as it does not look like an object out of the ordinary.  It includes 5 pre-set temperature settings which are implemented onto the pen itself so you always know which temperature setting you are at.



  • Interchangeable Battery
  • 5 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Fast Heatup
  • Isolated Air Path



  • Pure Vapor, No Combustion
  • Ceramic Glass Chamber
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Compact and Portable
  • USB Charger; 2 hour charge time
  • 5 Minute Auto-Off

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